About SciAssetHub

SciAssetHub is a user-centered platform developed as a web application system for UWC postgraduate students and staff members, specifically researchers. The system aims to facilitate efficient and sustainable asset management (such as chemicals and equipment) within science-related faculties at UWC.
SciAssetHub intends to keep all the registered members (subscribers) informed about existing and newly added assets in the system, through a Publish-Subscribe mechanism. Furthermore, the system incorporates immersive aspects, utilizing technologies such as 3D and Augmented Reality (AR), to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for researchers who will be using the intended equipment for the first time. Finally, SciAssetHub allows (postgraduate) students to request assets and rent storage space for chemical substances, while staff members can also request and add assets and available storage for rent.

Our story
A preliminary investigation at UWC reveals that researchers face difficulties accessing potentially mutual assets, leading to the acquisition of resources from external sources, even when they are available within the university. Consequently, this leads to under-utilization of assets, reduced throughput rate, and increased costs for the disposal of unused chemicals. Hence the motivation for introducing and developing SciAssetHub. The development process followed a participatory design approach, involving potential stakeholders (users) in the design process to help ensure that the outcome of the developed system meets their needs and expectations.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission for the SciAssetHub platform is to foster collaborative research excellence at UWC through innovative asset sharing and management. Our vision is to elevate asset accessibility by promoting awareness of asset availability within UWC departments, and providing immersive experiences through the utilization of 3D and AR technologies concerning specific equipment, thereby averting potential accidents, mishandling, and damage to expensive equipment.